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WordPress Static Home Page, How to Build One

May 14 2009 Published by under Build a Static Home Page

How to build a WordPress Static Home Page.  This is a great video that breaks down the very simple steps to converting any wordpress blog to a Website with a static home page.

The main difference between a Blog and a Website is the front page of a blog will always show the last post you made.  A website will normally show your home page and then have links to the different pages on your site.  A website will have a “Static Home Page.”

Step One

Create a new “Home Page” page.  This is not a “post” page but a “page” page.  I usually title this the Home Page.  This is the page I will use as my Static Home page.  You can also name this page the same as your website name with another word or two added.

Step Two

Build another “PAGE” and call it either “Recent Articles” or “My Website Blog” or “Blog.”  Only put a title on this page and then publish it without any content in the main content area of the page.  This page will replace the normal front page of your blog and will show the latest articles you have posted in reverse chronological order.

Change your WordPress Settings
Once you have the two pages published you can go to your  Settings, Reading tab.  On this page you will be able to click on “A static page.”  Then go to the front page window right below and choose the “page” you want for your front page.  Then go to the Posts Page window and choose the “recent articles” or whatever page you built to show your blog posts.

The Video shows the steps to take in a little more detail.  Your Blog is now a Website.

Happy WordPress Website Building
Rick Kern

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