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Fast Backlinks to your WordPress Website

May 16 2009 Published by under Free Links to your Website, Website Success Tips

There are basically two things that Google uses to rate your webpage.

  1. Content on your page
  2. Backlinks to your Page

There are other factors but these seem to be the most important.

I believe that building links is the most critical thing you can do .

Fast Backlinks
The easiest way I have come up with to get a few quick links to a new page I have just posted is to make a couple of quick blog comments with links back to my “Page.”  Most of my links I direct at a page on my site if I can.

Ezine Articles
My next step is to go to Ezine Articles and search for the keyword I have targeted this page at.  I will then make relevan comments on the top four or five Ezine Articles that come up for this keyword.

Next I go to Hubpages and do the same thing.  I comment on a hubpages article that comes up for this keyword.  If there is nothing very relevant in Hubpages I will modify my recently built page and then link from my Hub Page to my website page.

Build an Ezine Article
This takes a little more time but is well worth it.  The article once accepted by Ezine Articles gives you two very powerful links and often your article will get picked up and put in ezines and other websites.  There are a number of article directories but I will normally only post to the top 5.

Blog Commenting
I have a bunch of blogs I add comments to regularly.  I have several websites and I have several identities that I use to comment on blogs with.  I store my favorite blogs to comment on in a file in my favorites.  I use Firefox and I store them in a folder in my favorites.  When I decide to start commenting I just open a new window and pull down my

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