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Niche Horde Tested

Oct 11 2009 Published by under Newbie Niche Picking, Niche Hoard

Niche Horde Tested

The New Software Niche Horde is going to be tested by Build a WordPress Website as soon as it is released. It is a web based system that discovers and processes your niche analysis while you sleep. It is an online niche analyser and developer. You put in the niche you are interested in and Niche Horde will search for and analyze keywords. As it is searching for your words it is building a database.

Niche Horde just Blew Me Away

I am absolutely blown away.   There are three keys to a successful adsense website.  The pages need to have decent traffic, The keywords need to not be very competitive, and Adsense needs to pay well for the keyword.
This software allows you to find keywords with low competition that pay well and have decent traffic.

Spend your Time building web pages not doing Niche Research.  In a little over an hour this morning I built keyword lists for 12 different niches.  Previously I have spent about two hours with Niche Horde getting a handle on the different search options.

In a little over two hours I have lined up enough work for me and a few friends for weeks.

Buy Niche Horde now and build your niche sites.—This is the best recommendation I have for this product–  $97 a year.

The Heart of your Website Building

Finding and deciding on an Niche is the heart of your website building.  Until now it has been hit or miss and now you can pinpoint great niches with several related keywords to work on.  This makes it easy to Pick your Niche.

Are you Always Asking What Niche Should I work on?

Are you like so many others and having trouble deciding on a niche? So you have problems finding juicy high paying adwords keywords to work on?

Jon Leger has solved your problem. Jon is a very well known website builder and programmer. He has built several Very successful internet marketing programs.

Jon Leger’s Software

There are a few common links between all of Jonathon’s Sofware programs. They are all designed to help you make money with your websites. He is a master at building links and has two very popular programs called 1 way links and Three way links. Another of his more popular programs is Answer analyst and is designed to help you build web pages.

Here is a link to the Niche Hoard by Jonathan Leger Preview Video

Here are some questions and answers direct from Jonathon Leger’s Blog.

***”When will I be able to purchase Niche Horde?

Soon. I can’t give an exact date, but as soon as the beta testing is over (and I expect it to be over within a week), I’ll make the system available to everyone.

How much will Niche Hoard cost?

I’m considering an annual cost of between $27 and $67 a year. I’m not completely decided yet. What I do know is that it will not be expensive. After all, each user helps grow and improve the system by having the Niche Horde client software installed on their own computer.

“Comment by Rick–Normally Jonathon gives a New release special price that is good for the first week or two, then the price goes up and stays up. I will be buying Niche Hoard as soon as it is available.”

What are the system requirements?

The software requires a Windows computer (98/ME/XP/Vista) that has the .NET Framework 2.0 installed (most already do). I’m sorry, but it won’t run on a Mac.

How big is the database of keywords?

With only a few dozen beta testing users, the database achieved 32,000+ keywords in its first 16 hours of operation. That should give you some idea of how quickly the database will reach into the millions of keywords, with thousands of available niche markets.

How does the database grow?

Niche Horde is continually fed new keywords to analyze and expand by finding related keywords. It’s fed new keywords by users, and by other outside sources that continually grow the database. So the database actively grows and expands without any work on the part of its users.

How is the competition (SOC) determined?
The number of competing sites is determined by querying Google for the number of results that 1) have the keywords in the title and 2) have the keywords in links coming into the page. Those are your only real competition. Sites that only have the keywords in the title or in the body of the page, but have no links into those pages containing the keywords, aren’t real competition.”


I think that Niche Horde by Jon Leger will be another hit software program. He always prices his sofware very competitively.  Jon’s software is always very well docummented and simple to use.  I like the yearly fee idea instead of a monthly fee.  Jonathan has decided to name it Niche Horde, not Niche Hoard.

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Pot Pie Girl and One Week Marketing

May 18 2009 Published by under Newbie Niche Picking, One Week Marketing

One of my favorite hard working online personalities is Pot Pi Girl.  I have followed her blog for over a yeay.  She has a large family and started working online a couple of years ago.  She is very diligent and organized.  She has created a very simple game plan for anyone to get started making money online.

One Week at a Time
She has come up with a one week schedule of events you can do to make money in a niche.  Then Repeat.

This is a very simple game plan. Instead of going off in all directions and not accomplishing anything this is one of the best plans out there.

Purchase Pot Pie Girl’s One Week Marketing Plan.

This online guide has several different parts.  She does not baffle you with a lot of fluff.

She starts by breaking everything down into a daily list of accomplishments.

Day by day Action Plan, you don’t need to worry about anything but working on what she will teach you to do today.  You just do as she teaches and you will do fine.

I just finished reading One Week Marketing.  The Conversation with Nick T was great.  I also liked the simple Mind Map.  I have a Simple Mind so the Map fits….

A Recommendation for Friends

I bought One Week Marketing and printed it out

I have been online for a few years and I make a pretty good living at it.  I have a lot of friends that are interested in what I do but I have never been able to help them get started.  I have bought a lot of different packages looking to find something that would help my daughter and my friends get started marketing online.  This is the best I have found.–Rick Kern

This is the best Internet Marketing package for anyone who is not making good money online yet.  Many of the tips she gives can work on any of your online projects.  I mainly build WordPress Websites but the free  promotion techniques she recommends will work to get traffic to any page.

OWM Weakness

There is one weakness about the 1 Week Marketing Plan.  I don’t feel she goes over picking keywords in quite enough detail.  The example with Nick has already picked his niche so she doesn’t cover it there.  I have tons of niches that I am either working on or want to work on so this is not an issue for me.  I am working with a friend that is following the OWM plan and she has been having a bit of trouble with the Niche Issue.  I have a couple of articles I am working on addressing this issue.

The Pot Pie Girl and One Week Marketing package is a definite buy in my opinion.

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Affiliate Programs

Apr 29 2009 Published by under Newbie Niche Picking, Website Success Tips

What is an Affiliate Program?
It is a program where you will get paid when one of your website visitors does something.  Usually the action required of the Visitor is for them to buy something.  The Amazon Affiliate program started out as a program where you could talk about a certain book and then if your Visitor goes through your link to Amazon and buys the book you would get a percentage of the sale.  There are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs out there.

Single Pay vs Recurring Payment Affiliate Programs
A single pay affiliate
Google Adsense

Recurring affilite payment plans
1 way links

3 way links

Site Build it

Many Membership sites

Link building software from Josh?

Jonathon Leger page building software?

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Internet Business Models with WordPress

There are a lot of different internet business models.  I am a firm believer of in focusing on one model at a time.  One model can lead to another in time. Also a site can start out as a simple Adsense site and as you work on it through time it can become an authority site using several types of monetization.

Niche Adsense sites

Affiliate Marketing sites

Follow the Guru sites

Master Blog site.

Website Flipping.

Building an Authority site.

Building a Membership Site.

All of these can be built with WordPress.  You do not need to be a genius to build WordPress sites.  It is one of the most versatile, flexible easy to build Website and Blogging platforms.

WordPress Plugins are made for almost anything you want to do with a wesite.

There are a couple of criteria I use.

Does it need daily work on my part? I only want to work on things I can leave for a month or more and they will continue on.
Can it grow to something big?
Does it have several ways to monetize?
Does it help the buyer? Is it a product I believe in, if not then I will not promote it.
Does it have a continuity plan? Does it keep paying me over time or is it a one shot deal?

Wealthy Affiliate..
A Weber

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Newbie Niche Picking

Apr 29 2009 Published by under Newbie Niche Picking, Wordpress Web Hosting

The old line ‘You can pick your Niche and you can pick your friends but don’t pick your friend’s Niche” is still true today.

The largest sticking point for many people is “What Niche?”

The proper niche to work in?
Very simple **Find one you can make money in.**

What about Passion for your Niche?  You are not going to marry it. Interest is important but Passion? Not needed.  If you start making good money in the niche you might become passionate.

What about Knowledge?  You can learn anything if you want.  The day job you have now, what did you know about it before you started?  “We teach best what we most need to learn” is an old quote from a book by Richard Bach.  I think if is quite appropriate.

Newbie Niche Picking Tips

Two Free Tools. Finding a profitable niche is very easy. The goal is finding keywords with high paying adsense words and not a ton of competition.

Tool #1  SEO for Firefox.  Firefox is the browser of choice for most internet marketers because of the ability to use plugins.  My favorite plugin is “SEO fro FIREFOX.”  If you have not already downloaded Firefox check out this page on SEO for Firefox.  It is very powerful and easy to use.

Tool #2  Google Keyword Tool.  This is a very powerful free tool for gathering information about potential niches.  I love this tool.  I have it open in a window most of the time.  Check out this primer on how to use the Google Keyword Tool.  Play with the tool click on all the buttons and open all the windows and try the different options.  This is a huge part of your online education.

Start your Newbie Niche Picking
Your first website might not be the Mona Lisa.  It is a learning process and the only way to get started is to make a decision and get started.

First put a general keyword into the Google Keyword tool.  Use an idea like Acne, web hosting, Pet Insurance, Xbox, Credit Cards, Mortgage, Vitamins, Playstation, LCD tv, Coach Handbags, World of Warcraft, Cell Phones, Life Insurance, Weight Loss, Diet Pills, Hoodia, Spyware, Virus software, Link building Software, Baby Strollers, Baby Cribs,  and the list goes on and on.

click on the Show/Hide and show the “EST Ave CPC”.  I like to organize by this column from highest to lowest.  Click on the title of of the category and the words will be arranged by that category.  Then I start grabbing keywords with 1500 to 6000 monthly search volume.  The $ amount is up to you but I stick to keywords with the potential of over $4.  Get a list of 50 of these words.

Now put them into a Google Search one at a time and evaluate the first 10 results.  You want to be able to get into the top ten with the keyword if you are going to get any traffic to your site.  There are several ways to evaluate the top ten results.

My method is to look at the PR, Y! and Y! page for each of the top ten.  You will get a feel as to if you can break into this group.  High PR and large Y! but zero or very few Y! Page is an indication you might be able to get into the top ten.

Another Simple Evaluation method is to add the PR of all ten webpages from your search results together and divide by 10.  If this number is over 3.0 move on.  I believe this is a good process also.

You want at least 50 keywords in your list to work on.  Organize them by most profitable at the top.

Use one of the highest paying, highest traffic keywords as the Keyword for the website and include it in the title of your site.

Simple, now get a Domain Name, Hosting and get started building your site.

Check out my Domain Naming Tips

Hosting Tips for building WordPress Websites
There are a lot of good hosts out there.  For a couple of years I used Googlepages free hosting.  I have had some good results from this but then Google decided to eliminate the Googlepages program.  I have hundreds of hours in a project that got dumped.  I will always remember to work on my own projects on my own space.  The moral of the story is Get web hosting.  Work mainly on what you own.

Since WordPress has become such a popular basis to build blogs and websites most of the web hosts are set up to make it very easy for you to install WordPress on you hosting. Web Hosting $6.95

With Bluehost you to use up to 100 MySQL Databases. You need one WordPress Websites and two for some Websites.  It is possible to use one database for more than one website but that is beyond me at this point.

Free Domain With $6.95 Bluehost Hosting Package I buy all my domains from DomainCheap but I used the free one that comes with BlueHost.

I have set up blogs and websites on my hosting for friends.  It makes it really easy, I make them buy a domain name and let them use my hosting for free.  This is an eazy inexpensive way for friends to get into the website building world.

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