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Give Away your Best Stuff

May 17 2009 Published by under Website Success Tips, Wordpress Website Flipping

We are all freebie seekers.  It has been proven that giving some of your best away for free is one of the best ways to get customers.  Ask Mike F, or Frank Kern, or Eben when their businesses turned the corner.  I believe the answer will be when they started giving away their best stuff.

If your free stuff is really good the user will think–Wow Rick’s stuff that he sells must be really awesome.  And if it is just good they will not be bummed because you have already over delivered.

One Step at a Time

Give away the first step and make it really good.  Think through what they will really want if they succeed with your free product.

Whet their Appetite with the Free First Step
Get them on your email list with your free first step.  What will they need next?   Sell them the second step and make it really good.  Then Sell them the next step.


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Fast Backlinks to your WordPress Website

May 16 2009 Published by under Free Links to your Website, Website Success Tips

There are basically two things that Google uses to rate your webpage.

  1. Content on your page
  2. Backlinks to your Page

There are other factors but these seem to be the most important.

I believe that building links is the most critical thing you can do .

Fast Backlinks
The easiest way I have come up with to get a few quick links to a new page I have just posted is to make a couple of quick blog comments with links back to my “Page.”  Most of my links I direct at a page on my site if I can.

Ezine Articles
My next step is to go to Ezine Articles and search for the keyword I have targeted this page at.  I will then make relevan comments on the top four or five Ezine Articles that come up for this keyword.

Next I go to Hubpages and do the same thing.  I comment on a hubpages article that comes up for this keyword.  If there is nothing very relevant in Hubpages I will modify my recently built page and then link from my Hub Page to my website page.

Build an Ezine Article
This takes a little more time but is well worth it.  The article once accepted by Ezine Articles gives you two very powerful links and often your article will get picked up and put in ezines and other websites.  There are a number of article directories but I will normally only post to the top 5.

Blog Commenting
I have a bunch of blogs I add comments to regularly.  I have several websites and I have several identities that I use to comment on blogs with.  I store my favorite blogs to comment on in a file in my favorites.  I use Firefox and I store them in a folder in my favorites.  When I decide to start commenting I just open a new window and pull down my

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Affiliate Programs

Apr 29 2009 Published by under Newbie Niche Picking, Website Success Tips

What is an Affiliate Program?
It is a program where you will get paid when one of your website visitors does something.  Usually the action required of the Visitor is for them to buy something.  The Amazon Affiliate program started out as a program where you could talk about a certain book and then if your Visitor goes through your link to Amazon and buys the book you would get a percentage of the sale.  There are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs out there.

Single Pay vs Recurring Payment Affiliate Programs
A single pay affiliate
Google Adsense

Recurring affilite payment plans
1 way links

3 way links

Site Build it

Many Membership sites

Link building software from Josh?

Jonathon Leger page building software?

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Internet Business Models with WordPress

There are a lot of different internet business models.  I am a firm believer of in focusing on one model at a time.  One model can lead to another in time. Also a site can start out as a simple Adsense site and as you work on it through time it can become an authority site using several types of monetization.

Niche Adsense sites

Affiliate Marketing sites

Follow the Guru sites

Master Blog site.

Website Flipping.

Building an Authority site.

Building a Membership Site.

All of these can be built with WordPress.  You do not need to be a genius to build WordPress sites.  It is one of the most versatile, flexible easy to build Website and Blogging platforms.

WordPress Plugins are made for almost anything you want to do with a wesite.

There are a couple of criteria I use.

Does it need daily work on my part? I only want to work on things I can leave for a month or more and they will continue on.
Can it grow to something big?
Does it have several ways to monetize?
Does it help the buyer? Is it a product I believe in, if not then I will not promote it.
Does it have a continuity plan? Does it keep paying me over time or is it a one shot deal?

Wealthy Affiliate..
A Weber

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WordPress Niche Adsense Site Building Strategy

Apr 29 2009 Published by under Website Success Tips, What is an Authority Site?

Key Adsense Site Strategy Point
Build some pages on very high paying Keywords. Write articles on related keywords that are not as competitive and not as high paying. Then submit the cheaper keyword articles to article directories with links to your Expensive keyword pages.

Get traffic from less competitve keywords lower paying keywords to go to very high paying adwords pages.  The Google ads on the page will be relevant to the page, not the page from which the viewer was sent.

This sounds really simple but it is more thoughtful than first blush.

High paying keywords are usually very hard to get ranked for.  Use long tail words that are easy to get ranked for  and send the viewer to the higher paying related keyword page.

How do I figure out what is a high paying adsense keyword?  I use the free Google Keyword tool.  This tool is your friend.  Spend some time playing with all the different buttons and windows on the Google Keyword Tool.  Long term this will be time very well spent.

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