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WordPress Videos #3

Apr 30 2009 Published by under All in One SEO Pack, Wordpress videos

Andrew Hanson Video #5

This page shows Andrew Hanson’s Video #5 which covers setting up the WordPress All In One Seo Pack Plugin. Have you been confused on what is important and what isn’t when you are setting up you site?  This will clue you in on how to minimize duplicate content and get the best SEO results from the natural talent from your WordPress site.  Meta Tag usage on your WordPress Site.

Andrew Hanson Video #6

This is Video #6 which is the final video that Andrew built on Building WordPress Websites.  This video continues with setting up the SEO plugin.

I hope you enjoyed these as very basic WordPress tips to use while setting up your site.

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WordPress Videos #2

Apr 30 2009 Published by under Wordpress videos

This is Video #3 of Andrew Hanson’s Series on Building WordPress Sites. What is LSI and how does this relate to your post.  How can you actually tell what Google finds relevant to your page?  This is a really simple process to figure out what Google finds relevant to your keyword. 

This video is well thought out and simple for anyone to analyse with the Google Keyword Tool.  I found this to be a very helpful video.

This is Andrew Hanson WordPress Website SEO Video Number 4

Andrew explains how and why to select the Category for your post. He states that you only choose only one category per page and why he believes this.

The use of Tags for your blog post.  This is a simple explanation of what tags are and how to use them on your site.  How to optimize you website organization and navigation with Tags for your site.  I also found this very helpful.

Check out How to set up the SEO Plugin for your site.

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WordPress Videos #1

Apr 30 2009 Published by under Wordpress videos

These are very good Building WordPress Starter Videos.  This is a simple series from Andrew Hanson.  He is a very accomplished web marketer from Australia.  The first video gives you two tweaks to use when setting up your brand new blog. 

Setting your permalinks, I like using just the /%postname/  also.  His Creating a Post title advise is good .

Second video in the Andrew Hanson Building a WordPress Website series.  In this Video Article he gives you tips to use while writing your content.  Keyword Density, and where your keyword needs to be.  What is a ” More Tag” and how to use it to minimize Duplicate content on your site.  This is a great explanation on how the “More” tag works.

Check out Building a Worpress Website Video Page 2.

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