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Give Away your Best Stuff

May 17 2009 Published by under Website Success Tips, Wordpress Website Flipping

We are all freebie seekers.  It has been proven that giving some of your best away for free is one of the best ways to get customers.  Ask Mike F, or Frank Kern, or Eben when their businesses turned the corner.  I believe the answer will be when they started giving away their best stuff.

If your free stuff is really good the user will think–Wow Rick’s stuff that he sells must be really awesome.  And if it is just good they will not be bummed because you have already over delivered.

One Step at a Time

Give away the first step and make it really good.  Think through what they will really want if they succeed with your free product.

Whet their Appetite with the Free First Step
Get them on your email list with your free first step.  What will they need next?   Sell them the second step and make it really good.  Then Sell them the next step.


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WordPress Website Flipping

Apr 29 2009 Published by under Wordpress Website Flipping

The WordPress Website Flipping business model can work very well.

What is WordPress Website Flipping?
Website flipping is buying or building websites and then selling them.  You can build a WordPress Website (once you have hosting) for the price of buying the domain name.  You can purchase a domain name for less than $10 per year.

For a Domain you are going to keep I recommend buying the Domain for two years.  There is some evidence that you will rank better in the Search engines if you have more than twelve months left on your domain.  If you are buying a name to flip most people only buy the domain for one year.

Domain Naming for Worpress Website Flipping
NameCheap seems to be the new domain buying option for a lot of marketers and after you sell your site the name is easy to move to the buyer, they just have to open a free Namecheap account.  GoDaddy is easy to use also but there is a glitch in the GoDaddy contract.  Evidently some people have had their domains taken away from them by Godaddy after they were accused of Spamming. I do not know that to be true and I have not looked at the fine print in the GoDaddy terms.

WebHosts for WordPress Website Flipping

With most of the web hosts you can host 25 to 100 different WordPress blogs for the basic monthly fee.  I know with BlueHost you can host 100 wordpress domains for the basic price. With a WordPress website you need to have a MySQL Database for each site. I guess you can do more than one website on a database but it is way simpler if you just use one database per domain.

Lots of Web Hosts
There are a lot of highly rated webhosts. Here are some links to 1&1 and iPower. Both very highly rated web hosts.

With Bluehost you can host up to 100 WordPress blog/websites. They allow you to use up to 100 MySQL Databases. You need one one database for most Websites and two for some Websites.  It is possible to use one database for multiple websites but for simplicity sake I only build one WordPress blog on each database.  This website is hosted at BlueHost.

Free Domain With $6.95 Bluehost Hosting Package I buy all my domains from DomainCheap but I used the free one that comes with BlueHost.

Host unlimited domains + get up to 5 FREE domains with your 1&1 hosting account. Must see monthly hosting specials!

iPower offers the most complete Web Hosting Solution in the world.  #1 in the World at only $7.95/month – includes Free Domain

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Internet Business Models with WordPress

There are a lot of different internet business models.  I am a firm believer of in focusing on one model at a time.  One model can lead to another in time. Also a site can start out as a simple Adsense site and as you work on it through time it can become an authority site using several types of monetization.

Niche Adsense sites

Affiliate Marketing sites

Follow the Guru sites

Master Blog site.

Website Flipping.

Building an Authority site.

Building a Membership Site.

All of these can be built with WordPress.  You do not need to be a genius to build WordPress sites.  It is one of the most versatile, flexible easy to build Website and Blogging platforms.

WordPress Plugins are made for almost anything you want to do with a wesite.

There are a couple of criteria I use.

Does it need daily work on my part? I only want to work on things I can leave for a month or more and they will continue on.
Can it grow to something big?
Does it have several ways to monetize?
Does it help the buyer? Is it a product I believe in, if not then I will not promote it.
Does it have a continuity plan? Does it keep paying me over time or is it a one shot deal?

Wealthy Affiliate..
A Weber

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