Key to Newbie Success on the Internet

Oct 04 2009 Published by under Internet Web Success

Buy Web hosting.

I have been using Bluehost for a couple of years and they have been great.  Bluehost Web Hosting Their basic $6.95 a month plan comes with 100 Mysql databases.  What that means is you can host 100 different WordPress websites on one hosting account.  When I started I had no idea how to build a WordPress website.  Now in fifteen minutes I can register a new domain, Install WordPress on the domain and be building a new website.  I have a friend with Hostmonster and we have had very good service from them also.  They offer 100 databases also.  I signed up for two years when I signed up because the second year was a lot cheaper than the first.  Invest in what you are doing.  Then have fun working and learning.  When you start making money it becomes a lot more fun.

Learn WordPress.

WordPress is as simple as using a word processor.  Setup from the Cpanel in your webhost is as simple as four mouse clicks.  If you have any problem I have gotten great help from the Web hosting service –that is why you pay them.  A couple of simple keys on WordPress site building.  Build Posts, Pages are only for menus and about me pages.  Put every Post into at least one  Category.  Then your Categories will be your visitors navigational sitemap.

Build web sites.

Promote your websites

Learn to get links from places like Tipdrop, blogs, and article marketing.  The whole key to getting traffic to your site is links.

Build on your own properties

I will not put a lot of time and energy into a project that is based on someone else owning my content. Thousands of people have had their Squidoo pages deleted in the last six months. They built pages on Squidoo.  Who owns those pages? not the author,
Squidoo does.  If you put a lot of energy into building web pages and web sites online, long term you will do a lot better if you own the properties.


The steps to making money online are simple.  You will have to learn some things you do not know.  It will take time.

  • Buy web hosting
  • Learn WordPress
  • Build your Web Sites
  • Promote your Websites

To Your Succcess

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