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The old line ‘You can pick your Niche and you can pick your friends but don’t pick your friend’s Niche” is still true today.

The largest sticking point for many people is “What Niche?”

The proper niche to work in?
Very simple **Find one you can make money in.**

What about Passion for your Niche?  You are not going to marry it. Interest is important but Passion? Not needed.  If you start making good money in the niche you might become passionate.

What about Knowledge?  You can learn anything if you want.  The day job you have now, what did you know about it before you started?  “We teach best what we most need to learn” is an old quote from a book by Richard Bach.  I think if is quite appropriate.

Newbie Niche Picking Tips

Two Free Tools. Finding a profitable niche is very easy. The goal is finding keywords with high paying adsense words and not a ton of competition.

Tool #1  SEO for Firefox.  Firefox is the browser of choice for most internet marketers because of the ability to use plugins.  My favorite plugin is “SEO fro FIREFOX.”  If you have not already downloaded Firefox check out this page on SEO for Firefox.  It is very powerful and easy to use.

Tool #2  Google Keyword Tool.  This is a very powerful free tool for gathering information about potential niches.  I love this tool.  I have it open in a window most of the time.  Check out this primer on how to use the Google Keyword Tool.  Play with the tool click on all the buttons and open all the windows and try the different options.  This is a huge part of your online education.

Start your Newbie Niche Picking
Your first website might not be the Mona Lisa.  It is a learning process and the only way to get started is to make a decision and get started.

First put a general keyword into the Google Keyword tool.  Use an idea like Acne, web hosting, Pet Insurance, Xbox, Credit Cards, Mortgage, Vitamins, Playstation, LCD tv, Coach Handbags, World of Warcraft, Cell Phones, Life Insurance, Weight Loss, Diet Pills, Hoodia, Spyware, Virus software, Link building Software, Baby Strollers, Baby Cribs,  and the list goes on and on.

click on the Show/Hide and show the “EST Ave CPC”.  I like to organize by this column from highest to lowest.  Click on the title of of the category and the words will be arranged by that category.  Then I start grabbing keywords with 1500 to 6000 monthly search volume.  The $ amount is up to you but I stick to keywords with the potential of over $4.  Get a list of 50 of these words.

Now put them into a Google Search one at a time and evaluate the first 10 results.  You want to be able to get into the top ten with the keyword if you are going to get any traffic to your site.  There are several ways to evaluate the top ten results.

My method is to look at the PR, Y! and Y! page for each of the top ten.  You will get a feel as to if you can break into this group.  High PR and large Y! but zero or very few Y! Page is an indication you might be able to get into the top ten.

Another Simple Evaluation method is to add the PR of all ten webpages from your search results together and divide by 10.  If this number is over 3.0 move on.  I believe this is a good process also.

You want at least 50 keywords in your list to work on.  Organize them by most profitable at the top.

Use one of the highest paying, highest traffic keywords as the Keyword for the website and include it in the title of your site.

Simple, now get a Domain Name, Hosting and get started building your site.

Check out my Domain Naming Tips

Hosting Tips for building WordPress Websites
There are a lot of good hosts out there.  For a couple of years I used Googlepages free hosting.  I have had some good results from this but then Google decided to eliminate the Googlepages program.  I have hundreds of hours in a project that got dumped.  I will always remember to work on my own projects on my own space.  The moral of the story is Get web hosting.  Work mainly on what you own.

Since WordPress has become such a popular basis to build blogs and websites most of the web hosts are set up to make it very easy for you to install WordPress on you hosting. Web Hosting $6.95

With Bluehost you to use up to 100 MySQL Databases. You need one WordPress Websites and two for some Websites.  It is possible to use one database for more than one website but that is beyond me at this point.

Free Domain With $6.95 Bluehost Hosting Package I buy all my domains from DomainCheap but I used the free one that comes with BlueHost.

I have set up blogs and websites on my hosting for friends.  It makes it really easy, I make them buy a domain name and let them use my hosting for free.  This is an eazy inexpensive way for friends to get into the website building world.

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