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May 18 2009 Published by under Newbie Niche Picking, One Week Marketing

One of my favorite hard working online personalities is Pot Pi Girl.  I have followed her blog for over a yeay.  She has a large family and started working online a couple of years ago.  She is very diligent and organized.  She has created a very simple game plan for anyone to get started making money online.

One Week at a Time
She has come up with a one week schedule of events you can do to make money in a niche.  Then Repeat.

This is a very simple game plan. Instead of going off in all directions and not accomplishing anything this is one of the best plans out there.

Purchase Pot Pie Girl’s One Week Marketing Plan.

This online guide has several different parts.  She does not baffle you with a lot of fluff.

She starts by breaking everything down into a daily list of accomplishments.

Day by day Action Plan, you don’t need to worry about anything but working on what she will teach you to do today.  You just do as she teaches and you will do fine.

I just finished reading One Week Marketing.  The Conversation with Nick T was great.  I also liked the simple Mind Map.  I have a Simple Mind so the Map fits….

A Recommendation for Friends

I bought One Week Marketing and printed it out

I have been online for a few years and I make a pretty good living at it.  I have a lot of friends that are interested in what I do but I have never been able to help them get started.  I have bought a lot of different packages looking to find something that would help my daughter and my friends get started marketing online.  This is the best I have found.–Rick Kern

This is the best Internet Marketing package for anyone who is not making good money online yet.  Many of the tips she gives can work on any of your online projects.  I mainly build WordPress Websites but the free  promotion techniques she recommends will work to get traffic to any page.

OWM Weakness

There is one weakness about the 1 Week Marketing Plan.  I don’t feel she goes over picking keywords in quite enough detail.  The example with Nick has already picked his niche so she doesn’t cover it there.  I have tons of niches that I am either working on or want to work on so this is not an issue for me.  I am working with a friend that is following the OWM plan and she has been having a bit of trouble with the Niche Issue.  I have a couple of articles I am working on addressing this issue.

The Pot Pie Girl and One Week Marketing package is a definite buy in my opinion.

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