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Apr 29 2009 Published by under What is an Authority Site?

What is a WordPress Authority Site?

Definition of an Authority site.  It is a site with a lot of content on a subject.  It is usually built over several years and on a fairly broad subject.  It will often have a couple of different monetization models.  Often it will promote several different affiliate programs and Google Adsense.  Many times it will also be used to promote a product that the owner of the site created or owns.

Keys to succeeding while building an Authority site.

1. The subject needs to be something that can keep your interest.

2.  The subject needs to be monetizeable  in a couple of ways.

3.  The project will probably last for years so make sure you are interested in the project.

4.  This probably should not be your first project.  You will learn a lot from building and promoting several other smaller sites first.  Building smaller affiliate sites and Google Adsense sites will start you on your way. An Authority site can grow from a project you started ???

Successful Authority site
How do you know when you are there?  When you put a search into Google and you get a double list of pages from your site at the top of the listing.

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