How to Build a WordPress Website

This website is built to help you build a WordPress Website or Blog and get Traffic.  I have  articles on the very basic setup to some of the latest techniques on website promotion.  The days of Build it and they will come are long gone if they ever existed in building websites.

Free Membership Site
This is a Free Membership Site, some of the pages of this website are password protected.  You can get the password for FREE. Add your name and email to my AWEBER auto responder form.

WordPress Website vs WordPress Blog
The difference between a Website and a blog is quite simple.  With a blog your homepage will be the last article “Post” you made.  With a Website your homepage will be a “Page” that stays the same.  It is very simple with WordPress to build your site and change it with the click of a couple of setting buttons from a static homepage Website to a Blog.  How to convert your WordPress Blog to a WordPress Website.

Why WordPress?

  1. WordPress is a community built free Blog/Website platform.
  2. It has been designed from the ground up to be very Search Engine friendly.
  3. It is continually evolving with a lot of great programmers working on it.
  4. It is very easy to use even for a newbie.
  5. There are a ton of Plugins to improve any part of WordPress.
  6. It is very flexible and can be adjusted during and after your site is built.
  7. There is a huge community of users.
  8. I love the simplicity and results I have gotten from using WordPress to build my websites.
  9. Not having to FTP new themes or plugins to your site is great.
  10. The huge number of free themes to use.
  11. If you now use a word processor you can build pages in WordPress, it is that simple.

This is more than WordPress Website Building assistance.  We will be giving a complete step by step website building seminar with this website.  We will have articles on building your website.

Buiding Your WordPress Website Steps

  1. Finding a Niche.
  2. Finding keywords for your niche.
  3. Basic Website layout.
  4. Basic Page Building.
  5. Adding pictures to your site.
  6. Adding Videos to your website.
  7. Building Anchor Links.
  8. Adding Themes to your site.
  9. Adding Plugins to your site.

WordPress and HTML
You do not have to learn HTML to work with a WordPress Site.  A few HTML terms can be handy.  I have build a simple little WordPress HTML Cheat Sheet.

Promoting your WordPress Website/Blog.

  1. Getting your first links.
  2. Building a Comment Linking Plan.
  3. Getting an Article Marketing Plan.
  4. Adding an Autoresponder to your WordPress Website.
  5. Monetizing your Site.
  6. Adding Google Adsense.
  7. Adding Affiliate Links.
  8. Spreading out your RSS Feed.

Websites for Sale

We will have WordPress Websites for sale.

  1. These sites will be at different levels of completion.  (A website is never done.)  You can always add more pages and more information.
  2. They will be set up so you can jump right in after your purchase and start working on your new site. The hassle of moving and setup will all be included in the purchase price.
  3. Most of these sites will come with a complete building and promotion plan.  We will do a basic keyword analysis for the site and give you another 20 keywords to work on.
  4. We can host for you or we can recommend your own hosting that we can set your site up on.  This will all be stated in the sale listing.

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