Give Away your Best Stuff

May 17 2009 Published by under Website Success Tips, Wordpress Website Flipping

We are all freebie seekers.  It has been proven that giving some of your best away for free is one of the best ways to get customers.  Ask Mike F, or Frank Kern, or Eben when their businesses turned the corner.  I believe the answer will be when they started giving away their best stuff.

If your free stuff is really good the user will think–Wow Rick’s stuff that he sells must be really awesome.  And if it is just good they will not be bummed because you have already over delivered.

One Step at a Time

Give away the first step and make it really good.  Think through what they will really want if they succeed with your free product.

Whet their Appetite with the Free First Step
Get them on your email list with your free first step.  What will they need next?   Sell them the second step and make it really good.  Then Sell them the next step.


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