Google Keyword Tool Learning to Use this Very Powerful Free Tool

Apr 29 2009 Published by under Google Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is one of my favorite free tools.  With it you can get so much information about keywords and niches.

Search Google for “Google Keyword Tool” or follow this link to the Google Keyword Tool.  Put in a general phrase and then the captcha. I normally leave the “Use synonyms” checked.

Start with a basic search on “Credit Cards.”  Now let’s start playing with the tool.  In the Show/Hide columns window open and choose Estimated Avg CPC.  This is the setting I play with the most.  Now click on the top of one of the columns like Estimated Avg CPC.  This will reorganize by highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

I am looking for more expensive click keywords because I am going to build traffic to these pages and get clicks from the traffic.  If I was trying to buy traffic I would probably want to find cheaper keywords.

Dilemma –Usually it is really hard to get traffic to high paying keywords.

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